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Hearing aids in British Columbia

If you want to learn more about hearing aids in British Columbia, you've come to the right place. At Connect Hearing, we understand that protecting your hearing is incredibly important – especially staying tuned in to the sounds you love best. That's why we combine the best hearing professionals in Canada with the most advanced technology to bring you a full spectrum of hearing loss solutions to suit your unique needs. We will work to match you – and your budget – with your ideal hearing device.

Hearing device benefits:

  • Connect with the sounds that matter most in your life
  • Communicate more effectively with loved ones, friends and children
  • Enjoy music and social activities more
  • Better experience while using the telephone
  • No need to guess at what is being said during conversations
  • Greater confidence, improved well-being

When you learn more about hearing aids in British Columbia, you'll quickly discover that they have become sleek and compact. Modern designs include a built-in microchip and utilize software that allows them to be programmed to meet your exact hearing needs. At Connect Hearing, our friendly hearing professionals consider your individual hearing loss, ear shape, lifestyle and listening environments in order to recommend your best solution.

Why Connect Hearing?

  • Complimentary hearing evaluations and consultations1
  • Everyday listening products
  • Advanced hearing aid technology to suit every lifestyle and budget
  • 60 Day Confidence Guarantee
  • Price Match Guarantee2
  • Exclusive benefits for CAA members
  • Services for VAC and WCB/WSIB clients
  • Ongoing hearing care including free batteries, check-ups, hearing aid cleaning and more
  • Hearing aid repairs and accessories
  • Affordable monthly payment plans starting at $63 per month3

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We recommend a hearing check every 12 months

Like seeing your doctor or dentist annually, we recommend a hearing check every 12 months if you are over 55, or work in a loud environment.


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Call us at 1-877-752-1359