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Hearing test in Prince Edward Island

When it comes to your hearing, don't take any chances: get a hearing test in Prince Edward Island from Connect Hearing. Similar to seeing the doctor or dentist, you should also have your hearing tested regularly, as doing so sets a baseline for tracking changes in your hearing over time. Our expert hearing professionals are dedicated to offering you personalized solutions and helpful advice to see that you receive the best possible care. It doesn't matter what type of lifestyle you lead or what your budget may be; we'll help you find a device that will fit it all.

Why testing your hearing is important:

  • A test can uncover the hearing capacity of both ears
  • A test can determine what sounds and volumes you can hear without difficulty
  • A test helps set a baseline for future changes
  • Correcting hearing loss could revitalize your happiness and social life

Your hearing is important, which is why you want to turn to a trusted source in Prince Edward Island for a hearing test, like the country's leading national network of hearing clinics. All of our products are supported by the latest technology and can be programmed to meet all your hearing needs. We consider all the factors that can affect your hearing to recommend the best hearing aid for you.

What Connect Hearing offers:

  • Complimentary hearing evaluations and consultations1
  • Listening products
  • 60-Day Confidence Guarantee
  • Price Match Guarantee2
  • Ongoing hearing care including free batteries, check-ups, hearing aid cleaning and more
  • Repairs and accessories
  • Affordable monthly payment plans starting at $67 per month3

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We recommend a hearing check every 12 months

Like seeing your doctor or dentist annually, we recommend a hearing check every 12 months if you are over 55, or work in a loud environment.


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Call us at 1-877-752-1359